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The integration of our expertise in sports marketing and matchless partnerships provides us with unparalleled potential to bring you only the best elements in a promotional deal.



Knockout ROI

We have a proven track record with documented successes over 250% ROI, a sponsorship and event promotion program can dramatically maximize your budgets and give you the upper hand in the competitive marketplace.

Post-Program Valuation

A full range of valuation metrics delivers tangible data like ROI, cost/benefit ratio, sales, impressions and audience demographics as well as qualitative information such as business-to-business platforms and brand exclusivity. These deliverables are vital in helping you gauge your current programs and plan for the future.

Advisory Services

Having a team on your side that knows the ropes is invaluable. TPM brings a seasoned and objective view to ensure the potential of your investment is fully realized.

Customized Research

Successful strategic planning requires a bedrock of accurate data; we provide you cutting-edge research and analysis on deals, budgets, cost/benefit ratios, demographic and impressions.

Sheer Volume of Favorable Impressions

With a captive and enthusiastic audience, you can count on creating brand impact and leaving a lasting impression. In 2009, TPM clients were viewed on fights in more than five million pay-per-view homes (over 40 million viewers) in 176 countries with over 170,000 fans in attendance. In 2010, we are on schedule to align sponsors with more than 40 shows on PPV, HBO, HBO Plus, ESPN and

Personalizing You Brand

You have a passionate audience that has elected to seek out and attend an event – the perfect opportunity for your brand to interact on an intimate level with your consumer. With a complete experiential marketing campaign, designed and activated with Touch Point Marketing capabilities, you can be sure to engage with your audience at the pivotal moment.

Custom POS

Touch Point Marketing brings a complete arsenal of design and production services; from banners and billboards to apparel and retail booth fabrication, we can personally make sure your next event is a success.

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